Swings and other things

So it’s 2pm and I am still in my pajama pants…but lets face it, nobody can rock a pair of pj’s like myself.

I’ve done a few things around the house, laundry and such, fed the boy (my little guy I always affectionately refer to as “the boy”) and now, although a little late, I’m going to take “the boy” to the park. It’s such a beautiful day and I feel I need to get outside in the spring sunshine for some fresh air.

I must admit, it’s always a little hard for me to get going in the day. I am much more of a night person. Perhaps it’s because I like the dark, much easier to hide, from things and people and the daily tasks I beat myself up for not accomplishing. Perhaps it’s because I tend to be a bit more manic in the evening so I get more done.

Who knows?

But before I go, I felt the need for a little mental musing.

What is the deal with the swings at the park? Does anybody feel that these are outdated, unsafe plays structures that have no place in a public play area? Yes, I admit, I do have anxiety but come on… it takes me twenty minutes to open up a new CD,  but I’m going to let my child swing ten feet above the ground not strapped to anything?

Not to worry though…the CD’s are safe.

I think my anxiety comes from watching too many episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos in an effort to watch something “happy” before I go to bed, only to find a bunch of videos of people filming their kids doing some very dangerous things. Honestly people! Put down the camera and help your kid! Even I can see the situations are going to end badly…but there’s dad (oh come on, you know it’s dad, mom would never film this stuff) happily filming away while little Johnny is hanging vicariously upside down from a swing.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who sees that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

But hey, I’m a wee bit crazy.


About Bee

I am a mom. I have suffered through boughts of depression, anxiety and PTSD. I have a great husband who I adore and who continually supports me. I love people and animals. I devour non fiction books. I am a foodie and I love to cook but have screwed up every one of Paula Deans dishes I have tried to make. I am now convinced it is she who can’t cook. I make my own butter and cheese but I never make my bed. I have an odd habit of speaking with a "Shrek" accent to make people laugh. I LOVE to make people laugh. I love little children. I am afraid of swings and can’t watch my own or anybody elses child…well…swing. I am convinced I have a touch of ADD because I always click on the “link” in an article which means I have read the beginning of thousands of articles but have never finished them, usually because I can’t find them again. I always wear lipstick.
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